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Multifunction Vaporizers

Most people who follow the personal aromatherapy market with any interest are aware that most vaporizers are designed to work with a single source material, while others [...]

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Form or Function?

Technology is an incredible force that spawns a number of unforeseen and unexpected innovations, and the vaporizer industry has seen the truth of that firsthand. These [...]

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A Case For Hybrid Vaporizers

As vaporizers continue [...]

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The Resurgence of Vape Pens

Vaporizers have enjoyed [...]

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Keeping Your Vaporizer Clean

It's no secret that the market for vaporizers has grown to eclipse those of other personal aromatherapy methods, and people are still getting used to the incredible [...]

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Prepping for Winter as a Vape User

It won't be long until it will be time to trade your summer gear for something a bit warmer. Winter is on the way, and that means people will be spending a lot more of their free time indoors to escape the cold weather. However, clothing isn't the only thing that could use [...]

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Vaping Incognito

It's nearly impossible [...]

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