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Boosting Efficiency by Streamlining Technology

Early adopters are the types that can't help but to jump on board with a new product as soon as it hits the shelves, but those early versions of a new product, especially one in an entirely new industry, often have problems that [...]

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Merging Class and Vaporizer Technology

When taking a look at the vaporizer market, it's easy to see the industry is dominated by high-tech devices that are reaching for more and more features with every new generation. That makes relative sense when you consider the fact that many [...]

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Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Getting away from civilization is good for the soul, especially when you choose a place of great natural beauty. Many of these places are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and they deserve to be on everyone's bucket list. The problem with many of these [...]

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Highly Functional Minimalism

The concept of minimalism is one that is lost on many, but the philosophy is quite sound. It basically speaks to a desire to live in such a way that requires as few physical possessions as possible. It may or may [...]

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Exploring the Possibilities with Concentrates

The popularity of concentrates and herbal extracts is on the rise, and while no one can claim that vaping enthusiasts will ever tire of using the raw herbal material, there is no doubt that the future of the vaping industry is in extracts [...]

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Vaping in 2017

With the start of the New Year just behind us, it's time to start looking at the future of vaporizers and the direction of the industry as a whole. There is no doubt that 2016 was an important year for the vaping marketplace. The industry continued to grow in 2016 despite years of [...]

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Natural vs Manmade Materials in Vaporizers

As the world continues to let technology seep further and further into every aspect of life, people might begin to wonder why every thing in the world is suddenly artificial. Even a lot of the food at the grocery store includes artificial [...]

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Top 20 Best Vaporizers in the World (2016-2017)

With 2016 coming to a close, it might be time to find a new vaporizer to replace that old one you've been using for years. There are so many vaporizers out there that it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for you, so we've created a listing of the absolute [...]

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Optimizing Aromatherapy

Classic aromatherapy starts with a proper source material, but the material itself is only one small part of the experience. How the dried herbs are prepared is another facet of the equation that many people either ignore or skip over entirely. [...]

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The Cutting Edge of Vape Technology

Vaping has essentially entered the mainstream of society, and there are just about as many devices to choose from as there are for more traditional genres of technology, like computers, smartphones, vehicles, televisions, and media systems. These vape devices exist on a [...]

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