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‚Äč Hiding in Plain Sight

Despite the fact that vaporizers have become exceptionally more popular in the last few years, they are still not completely accepted by everyone in society. Many people still haven't educated themselves on the benefits of vaping, and as a result there is a [...]

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The Edible Appeal

As the market for vaporizers and other similar devices continues to expand, so does the market for secondary methods of ingesting the materials designed for these devices. Most modern vaporizers are meant to work with either dried herbaceous material or wax concentrates. A [...]

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Don't Overcomplicate Things

The world is already a vastly complex place, so why would anyone want to make things more complicated for themselves than they already are? It seems like everywhere you turn, things are designed to frustrate and annoy those who just want to get things done efficiently and affordably. One of the most detrimental aspects of [...]

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The Most Bang For Your Buck

Anyone who has ever purchased a product of any sort understands that there are ranges of quality in every category, and typically the best products are more expensive than the products of more moderate quality. This correlation makes sense because products of better quality cost more to produce, so it is only common sense that [...]

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Versatile Vaping

The vaping industry has grown into something that a vaping enthusiast from 10 years ago wouldn't recognize, but all that innovation has been great for spurring progress and pushing the industry forward. One area that has seen massive expansion is the area [...]

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Merging Pop Culture and Vaping

Creating a balance between the norms of daily life and popular culture can be a bit difficult, especially considering the variety of such content. Enthusiasts of any topic enjoy finding collectibles that fit within their preferred genre, and the joy is even [...]

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Portable and Powerful

With the prevalence of vaping on the rise, users are starting to fine-tune their collections by incorporating devices that are in the top of their field, or at least very near the top. There are so many different types of vaporizers that [...]

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Don't Sacrifice Style for Portability

As the vaporizer market hits its first major stride, the products that are available throughout the industry have been reorganized and categorized in ways that help the consumer find the perfect item. For the longest time, vaporizers were essentially simple devices that [...]

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Nothing Lasts Forever

They say diamonds are forever, but even diamonds will crack under the weight of infinity. They are but a different orientation of the carbon atoms in pencil graphite, but their incredibly strong structure isn't impervious to degradation. That strong structure is [...]

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Don't Forget Desktops

With the progress that has been made in the vaporizer industry since the devices have skyrocketed in popularity, it would be easy for certain products to fall by the wayside. Before it became common for people to have personal portable vaporizers, those [...]

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