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The world of vaporizers is evolving in ways that many people couldn't have foreseen when it first exploded onto the scene. The earliest consumer vaporizers were small devices that were meant to create vapor from liquid cartridges or primitive atomizers. Some devices were able to use dry herbs as a source material, but all those devices have come a long way. Not only have the devices come a long way, but so have the materials that are used within them. Concentrates have started to take over the vaporizer industry, and that has created a whole new set of unforeseen issues.

Concentrates have grown into one of the most sought after source materials since it has excellent taste, a smaller volume, and easy device maintenance. It's easier to carry a good portion of concentrate than it is to carry dry herb or liquid tinctures, but that is only true if you have the right sort of container for the concentrate. This is for one very important reason, which is that concentrates are usually so sticky that they can not be touched when they are at room temperature without sticking to your hand. To combat the issue of storage and travel, silicone containers were designed that make it easy to use every bit.

Other tools were then introduced to make it easy to manipulate the concentrates. These dab tools are typically nothing more than thin metal spears with a small lip on the end to help collect the concentrate. Some have gotten a bit more specialized with different tip shapes, but the vast majority are still simple metallic tools. As the market becomes more saturated with concentrate options, more tools will be produced to help make handling the materials easier. One such tool is the Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter.

The Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter is a revolutionary dab tool that includes a small battery handle to heat up the tip. This makes it easy to sever your individual dab without any stringing. The tool also has seven different tips that are each designed to perform a slightly different function. You'll never have to worry about wasting any concentrate that you can't reach or scoop. The battery handle works just like a standard vaporizer battery handle, and it provides heating through numerous uses before a recharge is needed. Devices like this will become more common as the concentrate market continues to grow, but Dr. Dabber helped start the trend.


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