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Blending Art and Science

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The world tends to view most things on a one-dimensional spectrum that spans from one end of the subject to the opposite end. While this view of the world is helpful in certain situations since it simplifies things down to their most basic level, those views are not always completely accurate because the world isn't black and white. You can see this sort of bipolarity within almost every aspect of society. You can be either a Republican or a Democrat. You can prefer either Coke or Pepsi. You can either love or hate Nickelback. What most people fail to realize is that those extremes are merely one aspect of the world. Just because there are two extreme opposites doesn't mean that there's no middle ground where people are failing to look.

Interesting enough, the world has not always existed with this inherent desire to break everything down into only two sides. Some of history's most prolific thinkers and philosophers understood that one must view the world as a whole in order to fully understand all its mysteries. The duality of man is one of his greatest strengths since it provides diversity of thought and opinion. The trick is to get humanity to experience that diversity within each individual and not simply within the population as a whole.

Leonardo DaVinci was one of the innovators of this internal diversity. He was what many refer to as a Renaissance man because of his vastly varied interests and skills. Not only was he one of the most gifted artistic minds to have ever lived, but he was also an exquisite designer and futurist. He came up with blueprints for technology that would not become mainstream for years after his death, yet most think of him purely as an artist. His diversity is what inspired the makers of the DaVinci IQ Vaporizer to name their device after him.

The DaVinci IQ is equally a work of art and science. It uses Bluetooth technology and a separate smartphone app for user control, and it has a sleek series of 51 LEDs that communicate information to the user. The device is made for dry herbs, and it uses Smart Path technology to provide the user with the perfect experience every single time. With automated temperature settings that change and adapt as the session advances, you'll never have to worry about fine-tuning the function of this device.


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