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Competitive Vaping

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Competition is a wonderful thing because it spawns innovation and an awareness of social groups that might not have been quite as prevalent as they once were. For the longest time, the most well-known competitive events were the classic team sports such as basketball, football, soccer, and other highly physical activities that were adapted from ancient feats of strength, agility, and teamwork. However, the modern world has evolved into something much different than that medieval past, and now there are a number of competitive events that might not necessarily be extremely physical, but still are considered sports in their own right.

Competitive eating competitions probably come to mind first, but that is only the beginning. Almost anything that can be played or scaled for skill can be made into a sport if enough people want to watch, and a great example of that is the video game industry. Video games have been around for nearly 50 years, but they only recently started to gain the technology and recognition that allows them to be played on a professional level. There are tons of gamers, especially in Asia, Europe, and America, who make a living through playing video games professionally.

A new competitive arena is starting to draw attention, and that is the field of competitive vaping. Competitive vape users are typically called 'Cloud Chasers' and members of their audience are referred as 'Cloud Gazers'. The idea is quite simple. Two competitors use their lungs and their vaping rigs to produce the largest cloud they can, and the winner is declared based on the size and density of the clouds produced. These competitions require advanced rigs that will generate a ton of vapor, and that means more coils, stronger batteries, and specific juices.

One of the best starter competitive vaping devices is the Kanger Subox Kit. While this kit might not land you the next title victory, it will certainly provide a good starting point for those trying to break into the leaderboards. The kit uses RBA coils and sub-ohm technology to produce intense clouds of vapor, and the dual 18650 batteries offer a whopping 50W of vaping potential, which is far above the average in the competitive world. The device also uses standard 510 threading, so it can be upgraded and customized if your competitive nature gets the best of you and you have to find a way to become the best Cloud Chaser in the world.


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