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Conduction Vaporizer Tips and Tricks

Are you thinking about purchasing a new vaporizer? There's a reason why these devices have become so popular in recent years: they allow users to fully enjoy herb and essential oils without exposing themselves to the countless number of toxic chemicals that are commonly found in smoke.Most vaporizers can be broken down into one of [...]

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How to Get the Most Use Out of Your Pen Vaporizer

The vaping marketing continues to grow larger and more widespread with each passing month. According to a report published by Research And Markets, it's expected to surpass $50 billion by 2025, which is pretty impressive considering that that vaporizers were practically non-existent just a decade ago. Among the many factors contributing to this growth is [...]

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How to Keep Vaping Herb Fresh

Although small in size, the vaporizer is nothing short of a revolutionary device that has changed the way in which we consume herb. It works on the principle of heating herb just enough to create a light plum of mist-like vapor. Because there's no fire or combustion taking place, vaporizers do not produce smoke, nor [...]

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The Best Site for Weed Lovers? Quite Possibly!

Do you love weed? Well, so do the folks at! Founded by "Evilpig," this site lives up to its namesake by featuring all things related to cannabis and its associated activities. Whether you're a daily toker or if you spark up only on special occasions, you should check out It's loaded with interesting, [...]

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Did You Know? The Awesome Perks of Vaping

The vaping industry continues to grow larger with each passing year. It's currently a multibillion-dollar industry that's expected to grow even larger in the days to come. Of course, there's a good reason for this trend: vaping offers several key perks, which we're going to discuss in today's blog post.Vaping is Allowed in Many Public [...]

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Vaporizer vs E-Cig: What's the Difference?

This is a question that many newcomers to the vaping scene ask. Both "vaporizers" and "e-cig" use precise heating elements to create vapor instead of smoke. Therefore, users can enjoy unadulterated herb or oil without exposing themselves to all of the harmful chemicals found in smoke. This begs the question, though: what's the difference between [...]

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Tips on Packing a Vaporizer

If this is your first time owning a vaporizer, you may have some questions regarding how to pack it. If you pack it too loose, you could end up burning your herb, negating all of the positive benefits associated with vaping. On the other hand, if you pack your bud too tight, it will restrict [...]

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4 Tips for Vaping Essential Oils

Vaporizers can be used to vape both herbs and essential oils. While most people use them for herbs, vaping oils can prove equally, if not more beneficial. It works on the same principle as vaping herb with your vaporizers: the vaporizer heats the oil just enough to create a plum of mist-like vapor. You'll reap all [...]

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How to Tell When Your Vaporizer is Done

If you're new to the vaping scene, you might be wondering how you're supposed to know when the herb or oil is finished and needs replacing. When smoking, you can tell simply by looking at it: the herb will be transformed into black-gray ash. Because vaporizers don't produce fire or smoke, however, this same tactic [...]

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What Does 'E-Liquid' Contain?

Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers are used in conjunction with a special type of liquid known as "e-liquid." Based on the name alone, it's next-to-impossible to determine what exactly this liquid is made of.So, what's inside e-liquid and is it really safe to inhale? While some brands may use different ingredients and production techniques, the vast [...]

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